Sunday, April 25, 2010


HELLO IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? Just kidding I know no one is looking at my blog or reading what I have to say. After all its only been 2 days . I do have a problem that I could use all of you'r infinite wisdom to solve all opinions will be looked at a considered I assure you.My problem is I have old eyes I can't see anything up close unless I take my glasses off then I take the risk of getting something my eyes. I tried using a magnifying glass but it's awkward and not very user freindly I've tried those really strong glasses you can buy in the drug store but then I spend half my time changing glasses. which brings up another small problem I will lay down something for instance my glasses and then I'll spend the next half hour looking for them.Just had to get that off of my chest, now I feel better untill the next time I loose my glasses or something to that effect Thanks for reading. Rick

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