Monday, April 26, 2010

In case anyone was wondering , That is not a picture of me on my profile it is my 3 yr. old granddaughter who thinks she is a princess. I kinda wish I could go back at times but I really do enjoy life much better right where I'm at. If in fact I had a time machine I could go back say 50 yr. and buy up a bunch of hard wood stock and then beam it back to present day and make a fortune. Have you ever sat and pondered time travel I'm telling you if you do it will drive you completely insane.I'm not insane tho I got that from a really good sorce I was talking to my pet rock [remember those ] just the other day and he said I was perfectly sane. Well it's almost time for me go water the street again you know it gets really angry if you don't feed and water it on a regular basis thanks for reading

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William D. Day Sr. said...

If I could time travel I would have saved my Buck Rogers lunch box and all my Dukes of Hazzard Hot Wheels cars. Those things are worth a fortune now. Also my Tonka Trucks (back when they were made out of all metal, that's too dangerous now though)