Thursday, July 31, 2014

dog casket

  Well I got absolutely no response to my request about pet caskets so I ventured out on my own   I had some old pine that I had practiced routing on so I plained it down to half inch thickness . I just started cutting parts and fitting them together and this is what I came up with.
The top is made from 3/4 thick and both the top and bottom I plan to line with fabric
The casket its self measures a foot wide two feet long and 8 inches deep  .
I haven't as yet decided how I am going to attach the lid nor how I am going to finish the out side I've been thinking of just painting it white but my wife thinks it should be stained . I also plan to put a handle on either side just so it will be recognized as a casket.  Tell me what you think......Thanks for looking

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

doggy casket???????


                      I have a family member who has a small dog that has become part of her family. all of her children have grown and left home to pursue what adventures they may. The is a great little dog it has a ton of personality and is cute. I'm not exactly sure what its medical problems are but the vet says she is going to die from it. I have been ask to build a casket for this dog and I really haven't got a clue as to where to start. Personally I think a casket is a bit much for a dog but my wife assures me that it quite a thriving business. I would greatly appreciate any input that anyone could give me maybe a picture or two would be nice. .Thanks for looking

Sunday, July 27, 2014

prodical son

      Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive and kicking even though I haven't posted anything for a year now. I have been going through some things that I don't want to discuss at this time . I haven't really done any wood working in the past year either, I have done a couple of projects for things around the house but nothing earth shattering. I do plan to start up again in the next couple of weeks right now its too hot to get anything much done. If anyone see's this post drop me a line to let me know you are still out there............     Thanks Dr. Rock