Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm telling you we all need to get together and vote this Nov. If we let things continue as they are we will all end up with nothing or ay least a hell of a lot less than we had when it all started. I don't profess to know every thing but I know when things are changing and not for the better . You don't need to vote straight Rep. but we do need to find some one that thinks on the conservative side and vote for them. Don't be sucked in by a smooth talker that has no intention doing what he says during his or her campaign . You all know how they are You also have too know things are'nt right I don't care how liberal you might be.........VOTE VOTE VOTE

Sunday, September 19, 2010

We're going to build a house

Its been a little while since my last post so let me bring you up to date . I have not been working much as far as wood working projects. I've done a couple of small jobs but nothing worth mentioning . I did how ever pick up a much larger band saw last weekend at a yard sale. Its an old Craftsman 12" , its in really good shape. I got it for less than $50. The people had replaced the rubber tires on the blade wheels and they had put them on inside out so I switched them around and was up and cutting in no time.Now  I'll be able to resaw up to 8" wide boards that way I wont be wasting so much wood planning it down to thickness.   A car pulls up infront of the local lumber yard there are 2 men inside of the car. One of the men gets out and goes into the lumber yard and finds an attendant and tells him " I need a 4x2.  The attendant say's are you sure it's not a 2x4. The man says I don't know let me go ask my brother,so he goes out to the car and talks to the other man and soon returns and says "youre right it is a 2x4" . So the attendant ask him " OK how long do you need it?" The man once again ran out to the car and talked to the other man upon returning he told the attendant " Well we're going to need it quite a while we're going to build a house.......................

Monday, September 6, 2010


You ever have one of those days when you question all you're skills and knowledge. Thats what my day was like I spent the entire day building a frame around an old mirror That I've had for years . I can honestly say I worked pretty steady and at the end of the day I have 3 differant designs none of which work. I'm not happy and am very discouraged .It wouldn't take much for me to just quit right now, but I didn't get this far in life by being a quitter so tomorrow is another day. Thanks for reading just needed to get that off my chest........................