Saturday, March 31, 2012

nonwood therapy

        Its about 4;30a.m. Saturday morning and I'm just sitting here drinking my 1st cup of coffee.and it came to me how much of a drug induced society we are . We have to have that coffee in the morning to wake up ( unless you are like me I drink coffee all day) ,some of use take vitamins like they going out of style,Maybe an asperin or two just ward off that nagging little head ache you've had for the last 20 years.And then theres the allergy medicine Loads and loads of that too. As for me I also take Metformin for type 2 diabetes and a couple of other things I'm not sure what they do.My wife takes a multitude of different drugs because she has severe head aches all the time some days they work other no. Back in the day I use to take all kinds of drugs for fun or at least I thought it was fun I realise now that anything that has to be brought on with chemicals isn't any fun but it is dangerous. I'm wondering what people did a hundred years ago when all these drugs were not available.That could be why most of them died when they were 50yr. old . I really wonder if the quality of life is any better than it   was . Just wondering what do you think let me know....................................Rick                                      

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chess Anyone?

This my first attempt at a Chess board . Its made with maple and walnut. I still need to put on a finish but I need to wait for warmer weather. I have no heat in my shop. All I need now are some chess peices and to learn how to play.                        Rick

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Air Filtration Part 3

 I got it up and working and it seems to work real well . I know the platform on which I put it is crooked I must say sorry I got in a big hurry. Since it is only a tempory spot for the blower I didn't really measure that well all I did was eyeball everything . But it is up and working.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Air Filtration System Pt.2

        Other than needing a coat of paint and being hung up this is it my home made air filter. I'm not completely happy but it will work. I should have built the cabinet and then installed the fan but instead I built the cabinet around the fan. Oh well . In the last picture is a timer that plugs into the wall and then the fan plugs into it I'm thinking I can let it run for a while after I leave the shop at night.......comments welcome....................Rick

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Air Filtration System

   As You probly already know I'm on a pretty limited budget as well as all of you may be. I have needed an air filtration system for quite some time.I bought these 2 cage fans at a yard sale some time back. I also got a bunch of other stuff but thats a differant blogg. I decided to build My own. As you can see in pic#1 I have gotten a pretty good start, due to my premature construction syndrom I'm suffering from. All that is left on the big one is to build an out side case I'll start on that Monday  I have included a couple of pics from today. Not much was away from the shop almost all day.....Rick

Friday, March 23, 2012

Premature Construction

     I think a suffer from premature constuction syndrome I was planning on starting a new project today and documenting each step with pictures. Early this morning I was out in the shop getting ready to start when I tried a few of the ideas I had in my head just to make sure they would work. Well here it is 8:50 pm and I'm a bout half done building my project. I did one thing then another never thinking to get the camera. Well tomorrow is another day I'll take some pics of what I have and then finish the job. I 'm wondering is there anyone out there with the same affliction I have? It would be nice to hear from some of you...........Rick

front porch

I built the front porch on my house 5 almost 6 years ago when I built it I used paneling for the inside walls. After the 1st. winter it all warped and pulled away from the studs looked  terrible. This is the new walls I built all parts are made of 2x4's resawn and planed down to 3/8 in thickness and trimmed to 3" in width.. I  sanded each peice and painted both sides with 2 coats . I caulked both top and bottom and any gaps that where visible Each peice has 5 screws holding it to the wall I really don't think this is coming down anytime soon..............................Rick

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

boats and water wings

Thinking about building a boat.... Its rained none stop for the last 3 days all of the rivers in our area have raised by about 3 feet (just a guess) and its going to rain for the next 3 days also........Well this is Oregon and I shouldn't be surprised but I can't help wondering what dry land feels like.  Going to start a new project on Friday 3/23/12 and will have a whole week off to do it . All the schools will be closed for spring break. I will be posting a couple of times during the week. So stay tuned.........Rick

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pine Wood Derby

    So today I did something completely different for me . We have a group of kids at our church called the Awana's maybe you've heard of them I think they are a national group.. Well they are going to have what is called Awana Grand Prix in a couple of weeks. It was called pine wood derby when I was in Cub scouts We won't say how long ago that was . So we had the kids draw they're design on the peice of wood and then  a couple of  guys and Me cut them all out on some scroll saws. And then they each took and painted them . Only took a couple of hours and everybody seemed really happy. Sorry I didn't take any pictures..............Rick

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Privacy Screens

           20 years ago I built three sets of these privacy screens for my niece's wedding. All I had at the time for tools was a skill saw , a jig saw and a palm sander. I have no idea if the other two sets still exist or not .We have had this  set in storage all wrapped up in plastic I had even forgotten that I had them. Funny thing though this particular set has far out lasted my niece's wedded bliss. I think I'll wrap them back up and dig them out in 20 more years just to see if they still look good.............Rick

Sunday, March 11, 2012

        Well the birthday has come and gone . the play house (what there is of it ) was a big hit it sure is a good thing 5 year olds have good imaginations . I'm pretty sure she thought she was looking at a palace. I will continue to work on it making it look like a little house instead on a storage shed.But right now our weather has turned back to rain so I'm going to move my work inside untill it stops. Nothing beats being a little on the lazy side once in a while.............Rick

Friday, March 9, 2012

Play House pt.3

Well here it is in all its glory,      Not really but I did get the plywood on the out side I still need to do the roof but I wait for an earlier start . I only got a little over 6 hrs. in what I have built so far. I going to put lapp siding half way up on the front and window side and T-1-11 above it and on the back. Then I can start on the door and the inside. Somebody needs to reply and tell me how ugly and unsafe this thing is..............Rick

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Play house Pt 2

Here are the pics I said I'd post didn't get a whole lot done today spent most of the day doing honey do's. I'm sure you all know about those. Did get the 4th wall framed in now all I have to do is put plywood up and the out side will be closed in . Sure looks small when you start putting walls and things up .

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Play house

          I spent the day designing and building a play house for my Grand Daughter Who will be turning 5 years old next week. I didn't have the money to go buy all nice new stuff to build it with but I did have an old pile of 2x4's laying out behind my shop so I thought I would take out the nails and use them. Guess what none of them are any good. I expected the ones on top to maybe be bad but the ones toward the bottom were just nasty . I'll give you one guess what I'm taking to the dump on my next trip......... I did however have some light gauge punched angle metal the kind of metal they use for hanging garage door openers . So I built the frame out of that It's kinda flimsie but when you get it all put together and put siding on it It's perfect for building walls. I did not take any pics of my first day of construction all I got done was three walls and the floor I'll post pics as soon as the sun comes out. The hard part is going to be the interior of the house I'm a little worried about that..........................RICK

Friday, March 2, 2012


Just a side note .Got evey thing hooked up and working in the wireing dept . Thats a 5 year old problem off my mind. I can now actually run my table saw and dust extractor at the same time without kicking a breaker. Its wonderful to live in the 21 century............Rick

As I told you last time I posted I would post some pics well this is them. such as they are the first one is a pic of my current power source 2 50' extention cords ran from an outlet on the side of my house. Not a very good plan but it has lasted for 5 years.