Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Air Filtration Part 3

 I got it up and working and it seems to work real well . I know the platform on which I put it is crooked I must say sorry I got in a big hurry. Since it is only a tempory spot for the blower I didn't really measure that well all I did was eyeball everything . But it is up and working.


Greg said...

Would this work for a general "paint booth" for rattle can paints?
Or do you think it would be a bit of overkill?
I know I would need to use better, or, double up on the filters probably..

dr.rock said...

sorry it took me so long to get back. I think any kind of filtration you can use on a paint booth is perfectly o.k.. Where dust and fumes extraction are concerned there is no such thing as overkill........Rick