Saturday, March 3, 2012

Play house

          I spent the day designing and building a play house for my Grand Daughter Who will be turning 5 years old next week. I didn't have the money to go buy all nice new stuff to build it with but I did have an old pile of 2x4's laying out behind my shop so I thought I would take out the nails and use them. Guess what none of them are any good. I expected the ones on top to maybe be bad but the ones toward the bottom were just nasty . I'll give you one guess what I'm taking to the dump on my next trip......... I did however have some light gauge punched angle metal the kind of metal they use for hanging garage door openers . So I built the frame out of that It's kinda flimsie but when you get it all put together and put siding on it It's perfect for building walls. I did not take any pics of my first day of construction all I got done was three walls and the floor I'll post pics as soon as the sun comes out. The hard part is going to be the interior of the house I'm a little worried about that..........................RICK

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