Wednesday, October 2, 2013


            I really have no project to show even though I'm working on about 5 of them at one time I'll get them posted as soon as I can. I feel more like just talking and what better way to not be interrupted that put it all down here. I have less than 10 working days left for the school district I've worked for ,for the past 5 years . They have decided to contract us out even though it won't save them any money. I can't understand the way things work now a days every one is going around fixing things that are'nt broken. The school board actually added approx $160,000.00 to our budget so the contractor"s bid would come in lower. Any way they will be taking over Oct 17. I don't know how many days I will have  left from that day on.
            On to other things My grand son is now walking he is 13 months old. He thinks his Grandpa is a pretty special guy I hope he never finds out the truth.My Grand daughter is now in the 1st grade and seems to be doing better than last year. I think she did a lot of growing up over the summer. I really don't think she thinks I'm very special but she sure loves her Grandma....
            I had a big pile of pallets given to me the other day right now I'm trying to get them all apart maybe I'll build a special pallet project for this blog. I ask several times for some one to let know if they are out there as of now absolutley 0 responces...............all you have to is punch in heyor get the hell off I just want to know I'm not alone.
             So how does everyone like being shut down well ok having the government shut down?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Play house revisited

       It's been  so long since I've posted anything on here I'm wondering if anyone is looking at this anymore someone please let me know if you are still out there.

                                    REMEMBER THIS?
Well I've been busy the last month or so got the inside done in the spring and now I just finished the outside........................

  My wife did most of the painting . All the lumber came from scraps that I have picked up in various places .. The post in front We bought at a yard sale for $4.00 each  Thanks for looking

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Raised Strawberry planting bed

     I never go to Home Depot with out checking they're cull been , for those of that don't know thats where they put all the cutoffs and damaged wood. The prices go for anywhere between $.51 to $4.00 depending on the color of paint they put on it. I managed to get there just as they put some new wood in the bin it was all 2x6 both pressure treated and plain lumber most of it was atleast 4 ft. long .I bought it all for .51 cents each cost me all of $15.oo . the following is what I made from that lumber.

    Its a raised strawberry planter since my wife and I both have problems bending over for long periods of time We thought it would be nice to be able to stand up and pick strawberrys .  It measures 8ft. long and 2ft wide and is approx 39" tall with the planter box about 9" deep . I think it will work out really good for us eventho weve missed the strawberry season this year. I can hardly wait for next spring I love fresh strawberrys...........Thanks for looking Rick

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Diaper Changing Table

 Our church just recently remodled they're restrooms they were in dire need of it. After all the work was done in the ladys room some one said that we had no Changing station in either restroom ,by then all the funds had been used up.So I built one out of lumber instead of one of the fancy plastic one you see in Mc Donalds and such places. The table serves two purposes it gives a place to change dispers and it also cover some pipe the were sticking out of the wall that was for a sink that was removed.

  It has since been painted and installed and looks like it has always been there .I built the table from scrap wood I scraped up and it cost me only $5.00 for the hardware. Thanks for looking

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Adirondack Love Seat

As you can see I finally got the love seat done . I think its a real good match for the chair I also built a little table to go along with the set . I'm working on a matching foot stool one that could be used on any of the chairs or the love seat. I have sold a  few of the chairs but I am a little disappointed that I'm not selling more. but the sun has finally come out maybe now they will sell. Thanks for looking

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Adirondack Chairs

 As you can see I have been busy building Adirondack Chairs . They are a lot of fun to build and are fairly inexpensive too. I have decided to build a few and see if I can sell them I will let you know .
 Only time will tell if I can make any money . Right now I have them priced for $60.00 Each I don't know if any will sell at that price but if I sell them any Cheaper then I'm working for nothing.
They are one of the most comfortable out door chairs I have ever sat in.......................

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

head board

I haven't done anything worth mentioning for most of the winter. I've been real busy doing things that are not wood related. I 'm not happy about it but a guys gotta do what a guy's gotta do I will start doing some projects in the new future but not exactly sure when. I do have a couple of projects for the house that I will feature for you all . The pics you see are from my last project in the late fall. I built a foot board for a single bed to match the white one. My Daughter picked it up at a second hand store

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Can't seem to get any pics down loaded I've been working on this for about a week and can't get my computor to do a thing. I have a project all finished and would like to share it but thats the way it goes. If anyone has any idea of what is wrong please make a comment and give me you're idaes so I can start down loading pictures again. Thank You...........................Rick