Wednesday, October 2, 2013


            I really have no project to show even though I'm working on about 5 of them at one time I'll get them posted as soon as I can. I feel more like just talking and what better way to not be interrupted that put it all down here. I have less than 10 working days left for the school district I've worked for ,for the past 5 years . They have decided to contract us out even though it won't save them any money. I can't understand the way things work now a days every one is going around fixing things that are'nt broken. The school board actually added approx $160,000.00 to our budget so the contractor"s bid would come in lower. Any way they will be taking over Oct 17. I don't know how many days I will have  left from that day on.
            On to other things My grand son is now walking he is 13 months old. He thinks his Grandpa is a pretty special guy I hope he never finds out the truth.My Grand daughter is now in the 1st grade and seems to be doing better than last year. I think she did a lot of growing up over the summer. I really don't think she thinks I'm very special but she sure loves her Grandma....
            I had a big pile of pallets given to me the other day right now I'm trying to get them all apart maybe I'll build a special pallet project for this blog. I ask several times for some one to let know if they are out there as of now absolutley 0 responces...............all you have to is punch in heyor get the hell off I just want to know I'm not alone.
             So how does everyone like being shut down well ok having the government shut down?

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Rock: Sorry about the school district contract, sounds screwed up for sure. Your grandchildren are very lucky to benefit from your woodworking skills {playhouse, headboards/footboards, etc.}. Maybe you can impress your granddaughter by making a big playhouse for her barbie dolls, that can substitute for a bookcase with compartments so it serves a dual purpose for longevity?
Have a great day.

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