Friday, April 30, 2010

Sofa Table

I built this for my daughter from an article in Wood Mag. Issue # 188 Dec./Jan 08/09 Page 60. Its called a sofa table . It was very easy to build , the instructions were very strait forward. It took me a full day to build but only because I sanded each peice before assembly. Actual build and prep time was only about 5 hr. Everyone who has seen it wants one I've already sold 3 [three] . I by the way built mine from #2 pine table top and all. I want to thank Wood Magazine for all the fine articles and projects,I'd be lost without them.I plan to build more of they're projects in the future. thanks for reading

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Its thursday evening and rainy think I'll stay in the house tonight. all I really had to do is clean up any way, thats all I ever really need to do . I'm tired of shifting the saw dust from side to side in my shop. I don't have any projects that have been lurking around in my mind. And I beleive I deserve a day off. Nobodies reading my blog guess I'll go eat worms .I'll have more tomarrow maybe. thanks for reading

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

well I'm old

In two [2] days I'll be 58 yr. of age . It really didn't feel like it took 58 yr. to get here but yet here I am. How come I remember the confusion and greif that I felt through most of my highschool days as clearly as if it were this afternoon but, I can't remember what I said or did yesterday. That is of course some what of a falsehood but, you that are going through it know exactly what I mean. I don't feel any older than I did when I was 17 , most of the time.Untill I try jogging a mile, I pick up something too heavy, I try digging a hole in my back yard with a shovel. I try to remember the name of the person that was introduced to me 5 minutes ago.Or remember my own cell phone no. But it has come in handy a couple of times . When ask why I didn't take out the trash or pick up that mess in the door way, or build that new set of cabinets my wife wants .The answer is easy,well I'm old

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Monday, April 26, 2010

In case anyone was wondering , That is not a picture of me on my profile it is my 3 yr. old granddaughter who thinks she is a princess. I kinda wish I could go back at times but I really do enjoy life much better right where I'm at. If in fact I had a time machine I could go back say 50 yr. and buy up a bunch of hard wood stock and then beam it back to present day and make a fortune. Have you ever sat and pondered time travel I'm telling you if you do it will drive you completely insane.I'm not insane tho I got that from a really good sorce I was talking to my pet rock [remember those ] just the other day and he said I was perfectly sane. Well it's almost time for me go water the street again you know it gets really angry if you don't feed and water it on a regular basis thanks for reading
So I guess if no one is reading any of these I can say anything I want right? not only am I a wood worker I am also a conserative politically I can't honestly say I am a Republican But I know I'm not a Demacrat. I guess just by being a wood worker would remove me from the liberal [tree hugger] standing. I just have a hard time rapping my head around all the crap they spew. And I mean spew!. It really makes no since to me why they [liberals] say we need to conserve water after all there's as much water today as there was from the begining. I do understand keeping water useable , after all you can't drink heavy water. But with a little treatment you can drink grey water. All I'm trying say I think things have gotten out of hand ,not just with water but a whole bunch of stuff. Animals have been crapping out doors for centuries and its only been the last few years that it has become toxic. I heard with my own ears on a Las Vegas news broad cast some years ago that when animals deficate on the ground and then it rains all that water runs through the poop and ends up in Lake Mead, after all thats the water we drink.[quoating the city official that said it. Maybe it's from all those toxins I drank as child that has made Me the weirdo I am today Thanks for reading

Sunday, April 25, 2010


HELLO IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? Just kidding I know no one is looking at my blog or reading what I have to say. After all its only been 2 days . I do have a problem that I could use all of you'r infinite wisdom to solve all opinions will be looked at a considered I assure you.My problem is I have old eyes I can't see anything up close unless I take my glasses off then I take the risk of getting something my eyes. I tried using a magnifying glass but it's awkward and not very user freindly I've tried those really strong glasses you can buy in the drug store but then I spend half my time changing glasses. which brings up another small problem I will lay down something for instance my glasses and then I'll spend the next half hour looking for them.Just had to get that off of my chest, now I feel better untill the next time I loose my glasses or something to that effect Thanks for reading. Rick

Saturday, April 24, 2010

bragging rights

Well I went out and shifted the saw dust around in my shop most of it is on one side of the room now. I've been working on a small project for the past couple of days and I have come to one conclusion , sometimes it is better to own a tool than it is to know how to run it.I have tools in my shop that seem to just sit and collect dust. I have practiced using them [ some of them a lot] but to be really frank about it unless you are doing big batches of one thing the set up time is really time is prohibative. By the time I set up a jig I can have one or two items made. I would not get rid of any of these tools I need them desperately if for no other reason than BRAGGING rights.

Friday, April 23, 2010

brain dead

I feel that wood working is like therapy to me I can go out and lock myself in my wood shop and even if all I do is clean up { my shop needs a whole lot of clean up} in a few minutes I start to feel better. My only major problem is I never seem to get any thing clean. I have this thing about throwing out anything especially wood. You know I might need that next week. I can't afford a good dust collection system so the saw dust is out of control. there will be more coming in the future but right now I can't think of any words