Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Taking a break

              Since the best I can deduce from the utter silence out there in Blogland. Absolutly no one is reading or even coming to this blog site. I have to admitt I thought I had something to offer in the woodworking world but I fall far short of doing anything out of the ordinary. I did not offer anything on my site that you (fellow woodworkers) couldn't do youre selves in you're own shops. I will be taking a break for an unspecified amount of time to try to regroup and come up with better stuff . Blogs such as this one should be instructive and entertaining mine was and is neither of those things. I have too admit I'm very dissapointed in myself if not a whole imbaressed....................Rick

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dust Extraction

    This is as far as I have gotten with My dust extraction so far . Its been a little tough buying what I need to plumb it in being on such a tight budget and all . Just like every thing else that has to do with wood working it's priced too high for the average person to buy. I have 2 drops, 1 to my chop saw or mitre saw how ever you wish to phraze it and the other to my radial arm saw. I now radial arm saws are considered dinasours but I use mine everyday and love it I like it better than my mitre saw as far as accuracy and stability. The dust extraction system on this saw works really good and I'm very happy with it. On the other hand the dust extraction on my mitre saw does'nt work for CRAP there is so much stuff flying around none of gets picked up by the pick up tube I will probably slow the use of the mitre saw to a slow crawl..................Rick

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

thinking of quitting

     I've been working on my dust collection system for the past week because it needs to be done and I can't really come up with anything to do as a wood project . As many of you know I am a school bus driver and school is out for the summer so I have all day to think and plan. I am coming up with things to build its just a matter of having all the materials at my dissposal so that I can. I will post a couple of pics of what I have done with my dust extractor later this week. In the meantime look over some of my older projects. I will answer any questions any one might have or if you just want to leave a smart ass remark that would be OK too .It would be nice to see if anyone is looking at this blog. I might just stop I have not decided yet.....................................Rick

Monday, June 11, 2012

flower bed

Well we got at least one flower bed done . Still got 2 more to build but that will be at a later date . My Wife and I both have back problems and we need to heal up a bit before we start on another. My wife did 90% of the work and preferred it that way I think . Time to start another wood project , don't even know what it is yet.......................................................Rick

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Raised flower beds

                    Things have rather hectic around my place for the past few days ,My wife and I are building raised flower beds in our back yard. We are building brick retaining walls, while nither of us knows anything about laying bricks It has been a real learning process thats for sure. We have almost finished the first of three I will post pics later. I want to let her plant a few things in it so you can get the full effect of the land scaping..............................Rick