Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Taking a break

              Since the best I can deduce from the utter silence out there in Blogland. Absolutly no one is reading or even coming to this blog site. I have to admitt I thought I had something to offer in the woodworking world but I fall far short of doing anything out of the ordinary. I did not offer anything on my site that you (fellow woodworkers) couldn't do youre selves in you're own shops. I will be taking a break for an unspecified amount of time to try to regroup and come up with better stuff . Blogs such as this one should be instructive and entertaining mine was and is neither of those things. I have too admit I'm very dissapointed in myself if not a whole imbaressed....................Rick


Jason De Ponte said...

Just found your blog,I wish you would reconsider, maybe try video on your blog. Just my 2cents

dr.rock said...

Iam consideing video I'm not sure anyone would like to see me though.What do you think?.........dr.rock