Wednesday, August 20, 2014

That Time of Year Again

                        Well it's that time of year again when I have to start getting ready to go back to school bus driving. This summer seemed to just fly by this year and I got nothing of major importance done . Well as they say that's the way it goes! I've had a few projects I've been working on slowly I will put on a few pieces and then take them off again because I don't like them. I try to build all my stuff so it can be completely assembled as a dry fit ,before I apply any glue or mechanical fasteners, it makes the whole process difficult because the fit has to be right on. Some times I run out of materials because of mistakes and I have to purchase more material before I can proceed with the project..... Some times I just get tired of a project and I will put away for a while then I usually have to start over because I don't think it looks good anymore.

                     I always tell myself this time I'm going to slow down and document my procedure but I never do just the way I am I guess .I am working on a game for the family fall festival my wife puts on at the Church each year. Its just a bunch of games for the kids to play and they win tickets to purchase prizes It's a lot of fun and its all free. This year I am trying to build a chicken coop and have a wheel in the bottom to disperse one plastic egg at a time . If anyone has any good ideas let me know all Input would be much appreaciated               Thanks for all of you're responces

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