Friday, August 22, 2014


           I bought 2 of these cabinets at a church yard sale approx. 5 years ago . I think I paid about $5.00 each but I could be lying I really don't remember. Any way I set them along the wall and put doors on them to cover what ever I had hidden in them . As you can see they just became crap catchers. They had so much stuff on them you couldn't see the top.

         I've been needing a work bench/ storage for a long time so I have decided use these . I have removed the face frame and the pedestal and put on 4 ,11 " legs I like my work benches to be tall because I can't bend over very well anymore .

      I plan to install a wood working vice and several drawers . I think in my own case drawers will not become so trashy and will have a much cleaner look over time. I'm going to try to keep the top clean and not let it get buried like it was in the past. also there will be about a 4' opening in the middle for my jointer to sit I'm going to try to make a pullout sled to use it and then slide it back in when I'm done

         An interesting note you remember I told you I bought these at a yard sale at a church . When I pulled the face frame off there was a sticker on one of the boards that was dated 1967. I thought that was kinda interesting..........Thanks for Looking

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Anonymous said...

isn't all that space at the bottom going to catch a lot of crap? good save though.