Friday, February 24, 2012

Dust don't spoil

I normally have every Friday off but since monday was a holiday which I had off now I'm working today to replace the day.. I'm not sure I understand the lodgic in that But, There are a lot of people out there smarter than me. With everything else that I have to do over the short weekend I doubt I will gain much clean up in my shop. It.s 4:15 A.M. right now I,m just getting ready to go to work and I won't be done untill approx. 4: 30 P.M.  I suppose I could take a short nap and then work tonight but you know thats not gonna happen I'm just not that driven. Besides dust don't spoil I might just put all that aside and nail some wood together this weekend if I get the time. I am the Master of my own destiny.Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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