Saturday, October 30, 2010

The weather and Christmas

The weather here has cooled off considerably in just the last few days and it's raining . Normally I hate the rain but if I don't have to work in it it's not so bad. I can leave the door to my wood shop open and watch it rain and it calms me . I don't however have anything good to say about the cold I don't understand why it can't be 70 degrees year round . I do have to admitt that I get more done when it's colder but not extreme cold . This is the time of year my thoughts turn to Christmas projects that I can do in a hurry . I have to give a shout out to Steve from Wood Working For Mere Mortals {if you have not been to his sight you need to check him out} He has lots of items on video that you can do to make gifts or stuff for yourself. I don't know where Steve gets his ideas but His sight is one I go to every day.

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