Thursday, October 21, 2010

I get the feeling from time to time that I'm the only one who ever checks this blog . I realise as of late I have not been keeping up steady blogs like I should . Things have been a little hectic around my house the last couple of months and my mind and fingers have been otherwise occupied. I promice to do better in the future, What I would like you all to do out there is to let me know you where on my sight you don't have to tell me anything about yourself just leave a comment even it's to tell me to get off the net.I have been working on some new projects but they are not ready to post as of yet. If any of you have any questions about wood working or life in general maybe I can help..Drop me a line and i'll get back to you A.S.A.P...........................Dr. Rock

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Mere Mortals said...

Hey man, keep on posting! Snap a few pics of stuff and let's see what you are up to. Or just whatever happens to be on your mind.

Your background image puts me in a pensive state of mind. Our rainy season is coming up and I love working in the shop with the rain pouring down outside.