Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sprinkler System

  I bet you have been wondering where I am ? I was suppose to be working on my 2nd router table/ out feed table . The truth of the matter is I have been doing everything but working on my router table .Those of you that are married will know what I'm Talking about. This past week has been all about her and what she wants. It really don't matter its all stuff that needed to be done and we need to get things done before I return to work for the winter. The main thing I'm trying to get done is putting in a sprinkler system . I ve got all the pipes ran and hooked up for the main water supply now tomorrow I can start on the drippers and other parafinailia that goes along with it . It would certainly help if I only had a clue about what I am doing. OH well can't be a expert at everything ..........I'm not an expert at anything.......................Rick

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