Sunday, August 26, 2012


I finally got a pretty good start on my second router table . It's been sitting there for a few weeks just an empty cabinet . I did decide to change the design of this one and make the two drawers on the bottom taller and deeper that way I'll be able to store different stuff than in the other one.As you can see in pic #6 I have two drawers that go all the way across the cabinet . The two drawers in the new cabinet will be much taller and only go half way across the cabinet. When they are set back to back(the router tables) they can then be used as an outfeed table for my table saw. There will be a 3" gap between the two tables and I'm going to put some sort of dust extraction in that gap. It's just an Idea for the moment when I start I'll Show you what I come up with.......Thanks for looking Rick


Dizzy-Dick said...

I posted a comment earlier but it is not showing up now. What did I do wrong? Hope this one posts. I really think you did a great job on that table.

Reclaimed Redwood said...

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